Dear guest,

Thank you for choosing us for your stay in Santa Marta! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to one of our homes. In Naomas our mission is to offer excellent service to our guests. We are a holiday homes lettings and tourism agency, we manage several properties from our office in Taganga. We love looking after our guests and we’re passionate about helping people to discover the magic of the Colombian Coast.   

Our aim is to provide affordable, comfortable and uniquely located homes to tourists and holiday makers, as well as exciting experiences in the surrounding natural beauty of Tayrona National Park and the Sierra Nevada Mountains! We can help you to plan transportation, scuba-diving trips, hikes or day trips to Tayrona’s best beaches during your stay.

For more information about our tourism services and additional services that we offer, continue reading this guide where you will find more information on the tours we offer. 

Contact Numbers:

WhatsApp: (+57) 313 359 3143 between 8 AM and 6 PM every day

(+57) 318 3602 830 or (+57) 315 5230 850, for emergency and out of normal business hours.

Website:  www.naomasturismo.com


About Taganga

Taganga was originally a reserve of the Tayrona Indians, who have fished from these beaches for hundreds of years. Their fishing methods, using “chinchorros” (or woven hammock nets), are still used today, and have recently been declared as “Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the Nation” by the National Government. You can walk alongside the cliffside from Taganga to Playa Grande and beyond where you can see the local fishermen practicing this ancient tradition whilst you seek out a place to sunbathe or snorkel.

Many local families descended from the indigenous Tayrona ethnic group over more than 400 years ago and still reside here in their little fishing paradise. Taganga lies at the foot of a natural fault leading all the way up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and separates Santa Marta from one of Colombia’s greatest assets – Tayrona National Park.

Important information for your stay:

Food and drinks

We invite all our guests to visit: Naomas Cafe at our terrace from where we offer breakfast, natural juices, coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and drinks. We are located at Carrera 2 No. 18 – 280 on the Dunkarinka mountain. For addresses of restaurants and shops, continue reading this guide.

Breakfasts: We offer breakfasts at the Naomas Cafe every morning from 7:30 to 9:30 am. Each option is served with a selection of fresh fruit of the day and your choice of coffee or natural fruit juice.

1. Continental: A portion of eggs to taste: fried, scrambled or pericos (with onion and tomato), served with toast, butter and jam $ 12,000 Cop.

2. Traditional: Arepas with Colombian-style eggs, made of corn dough, and accompanied with eggs to taste: fried, scrambled or pericos (with onion and tomato) $ 14,000 Cop.

3. Americano: Two Waffles covered with fresh tropical fruits and a selection of yogurt (natural, honey or arequipe flavor) $ 15,000 Cop.

Drinking Water: We provide drinking water, in some homes we have water purifying filters in the kitchen, or in others we include one 20-liter bottle of water per week included in your rate. The price for an extra 20L bottle is  $15.000 Cop including delivery to your room. 

Tap Water: Tap water is not potable nor safe to drink. Also, it must be transported and pumped to your home – please do not drink it, and help us save it by using it sparingly. If you notice any water leaks please let us know immediately.

Security: As with most rented accomodation, your personal property is your responsibility. Please ensure valuables are not left unattended, and bedroom / apartment doors are kept locked.

Garbage and Recycling: We encourage our guests to support us in this by reducing the amount of plastic they use. Garbage bags must be sealed and placed in the marked trash cans that you will find in your accommodation; garbage trucks come by every day. You can deliver the garbage to the housekeeper or take it out where directed (check the house rules) especially when it has organic waste such as chicken or fish bones should be taken out every two days minimum.

Electricity: Electricity is relatively expensive here in Taganga. Please help us to save money, and take care of the planet by turning off the lights, fans or air conditioning before leaving the room. Don’t leave them on if you’re not at home please.

Kitchen: If you have a shared kitchen, please ensure that the kitchen is cleaned after use, and all utensils are put away clean. Please let us know if there is anything missing that you require during your stay. We do an inventory of the kitchen at check out and you must pay or replace the missing ones.

Bathroom: Please do not throw toilet paper in the toilets – there are small containers in the bathrooms for this purpose. Please keep the bathroom clean.

General: Our homes are not party homes – please respect our homes, the other guests and the neighbours, and keep quiet after 10pm.

Additional guests: All guests must be checked in, please notify the administration when there is an additional person to the initial reservation to register and provide extra towels and sheets.

Check out procedure: Check out is between 8AM and 11 AM. Please contact us to let us know what time you would like to leave so that we can attend you.

Included standard Services

Cleaning: Each room is attended once a week by our housekeeper, who will provide fresh towels, sheets and additional toilet paper. If you are staying less than one week and require additional cleaning services, please see below.

Tourism Advice: We advise you in the planning of the tours and activities that you can do during your stay, you can consult us by WhatsApp, or come to Naomas Cafe located on the mountainside of Dunkarinka, at Calle 2 No. 18 – 280 in Taganga and we will be happy to assist you!

Entertainment: In the Naomas office we have board games: Rummy, chess and dominoes. Also some snorkel masks and balls to play on the beach. We also have an ukulele for guest use. If you want to borrow any of these items you can pick them up at the office at no additional cost.


Additional Services

If you want to request any additional service please let us know by WhatsApp:

Late Check-out: We charge an additional fee of $60,000 COP outside of the standard check out service. The last possible check out time is 6PM. Service depends upon room availability, so please check with us in advance.

Cleaning: If you stay less an one week and require additional cleaning of the room, we charge an additional $40,000 COP It includes general cleaning of the room, change of towels and bed sheets. The price may vary according to the size of the house where you are staying.

Laundry: We offer home laundry service for $10,000 COP per kilo. We pick up the clothes and deliver them clean to your room. Please request via whatsapp. We charge the pair of shoes and backpacks at the price of one kilo.

Parking: There are parking spaces available near our headquarters, at the bottom of the mountain. There is a charge of $10,000 COP per vehicle per day. Subject to availability and price changes according to the number of nights of your stay and the season.

Transports:  We offer airport shuttles and can also coordinate private transports to Santa Marta, Tayrona Park, Palomino and Minca. We work with taxi drivers, moto – taxis and minibuses. 

Additional sheets and towels: If your stay is less than 6 nights and you want an additional change of sheets and towels, we offer the change of a set of sheets and a couple of towels for $ 10,000 Cop.

Currency exchange: If you want to change dollars to pesos, ask by WhatsApp.

Payments with Bitcoin: We accept payments for accommodation and services with bitcoin. Please ask for more information by WhatsApp.


Information and contacts for grocery stores, pharmacy and restaurants deliveries:


Groceries and mini-markets: 

WhatsApp contacts to request addresses of stores in Taganga:


(+57) 320 6406600. Until 10:30 pm.

(+57) 311 3273220. Until 10:30 pm.

(+57) 3016140255. Until 9:00 pm.



Fatto en casa: Artisan bakery and Italian pizzeria (+57) 316 6360647

Playa Alta: Fast food (+57) 3174391008

La Morena: Local gourmet food (+57) 3023660218

Pachamama: International gourmet food (+57) 316 6672819

El Reef: Ice cream parlor and desserts (+57) 3178086664

Local restaurant: Menu of the day and typical food (+57) 3205909233



Drogueria la Inglesa: (+57) 3043875107 – 6054209646 Until 10 pm



There are 2 in Taganga and they are located at the entrance to the town.


Bancolombia: Carrera 3 # 17A-46 next to the police station

Davivienda: Carrera 3 – 17 next to the Bancolombia ATM



If you have an emergency situation that warrants the help of a doctor, you can go to the Taganga clinic, which is open to the public 24 hours a day and it’s located at: Calle 14 # 3-07.


Taganga Taxis Agency:

You can request taxis at home in Taganga at: 6054230247 Until 6 pm


App Taxis Santa Marta:

You can download the Taxi Santa Marta 420 7000 app to request a taxi service


Public transport service:

In Taganga there is a bus line which runs by the carrera 1, then by the health post, the church and continues along the main street to Santa Marta, where it runs through a large part of the city such as: the market, the bay and the historical Center. This bus passes approximately every 15 minutes, it’s a blue bus. The first bus leaves Taganga between 6 am and the last one returns between 8 and 8:30 pm.


Naomas Sustainability Policy:

We are committed to tourism sustainability, for that pourpose we have developed practices that reduce the negative impacts on social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects generated by the provision of our services.

Likewise, we guide efforts for the conservation of natural resources and for the prevention of sexual and labor exploitation of children and adolescents. At the same time we generate fair and favorable working conditions for our human talent, promoting the strengthening of their skills focused on the continuous improvement of their service, the satisfaction of customer needs, the economic viability of the organization and seeking to engage customers, suppliers and collaborators for this purpose. We invite you to follow the following recommendations during your travels:


10 Recommendations for sustainable tourism:

1. When planning your trip, choose suppliers that offer guarantees of quality and respect for human rights and the environment.

2. Use natural resources, such as water and energy, with moderation. Remember that they are limited goods.

3. Try to minimize the generation of waste. They are a source of contamination.

4. When you have to dispose of a waste, use the corresponding bin for the type of waste in this way facilitates the recycling process.

5. In a natural space ensure that the only footprint you leave behind is your footwear. Don’t litter.

6. If you visit sensitive ecosystems, such as coral reefs or rainforests, find out how to do it to cause the least possible impact and not degrade them.

7. When buying gifts and souvenirs, look for products that are an expression of the local culture. It favors the economy of the towns that host it and the cultural diversity.

8. Do not acquire flora and fauna or endangered species of wild fauna and flora, or products derived from said species. It is a crime and contributes to its extinction.

9. At your destination, enjoy learning about the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of the local populations. Respect them and get close to them, without criticizing, they have a lot to tell you.

10. Try to contribute with your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, following the rules of the places you visit and building a healthier and more caring planet with your trip.

By following these ten recommendations, you will help conserve the planet’s biological wealth and improve development opportunities for many people.

As well as looking after our guests, we like to support local causes and we are conscious about the environment – helping us feeding the street cats we have adopted and they are now the “hosts” in some of our homes. We thank the guests who want to contribute by feeding the cats of the Naomas houses.

Wishing you a wonderful stay from everyone at the Naomas Team!